Animal bazar


Local people gather from their villages to sell and buy their domestic animals.

That sight is surprising & amaing

Welcome to domestic animal bazar!!



Time schedule:Every Sunday Morning (AM5-AM10)

How to access:Minibus#102 (15min from center)


Russian Orthodox Church

The church, built originally of stone in 1872, was destroyed by an earthquake in 1980.
Address: Gagarina/Lenina
TEL: (03922)54422
Time schedule: 8am-5pm

Dungan Mosque


It is a masterpiece of Dungan architecture. Insid it's imagery is an eclectic mixi, testament to the Dungan's pre-lslamic Buddhist past, combining a pomegranate(a folk symbol of longevity) with Buddhist imagery such as the shell and wheel of fire. Completed in 1910 it was bilt entirely without nails.Instead of a minaret, the mosque has a wooden pagoda.


Address: Abdrakhmanova/Bektenova

TEL: (03922)26637

Time schedule: 4am-10pm


Nikolai przhevalsky museum


This museum lies on the road to Pristan Przhevalsk.

A coloneal Nikolai Mikhailovich Przhevalsky wa Russia's premier 19th century explorer.

He traveld across Siberia, throught Centrl Asia, Mongolia and China.

He died in Karakol in 1888.Przhevasky had asked to be buried wearing the clothes of an explorer in a simple coffin on the shores of Lake Issyk-Kul.


Open/Close : 9am-5pm (everyday)

Entrance fee : 70com

How to access : you take bus no 116. 10com


Karakol zoo


We are only zoo in Kyrguz!


Adress : Parkovaya 5

TEl : (03922)25518

Open/Close : 9am-6pm(Sunday closed)

Entrance fee : Adults 50 com , Kids 30 com


Karakol Historical Museum


 Karakol's modest resional museum is in a study colonial brick building, once the home of a weathly landowner.

It's of limited interest, with exhibits on the petroglyphs around Issyk-Kul , a few Scythian bronze artefacts, a Soviet history of the Kyrgyz union with Russia, some Kyrgyz applied art and photograhs of old Karakol.



Entrance fee : 70com

Address : Jamansariev 164

Tell : 2 18 68


Karakol Ski Base


The highest ski resort in central asia is 3,040m above the sea level.You can enjoy the finest powder snow in Issyk-kul.The ski season is crowded with ski from neighboring countries.The season is November to the end of March.


OPEN : 9:00 / CLOSE : 16:00

LIFT Tickets : 600com(Tuesday-Thursday) 950com(Friday-Monday)


HP :