One Village One Product Karakol shop


One Village One Product(OVOP)

Associstion is an organaization established by the initiative of local regional producers in Issyk-Kul region of Kyrgyzstan to promote community empowerment, regional more than 1000 menmbers of the association produce various handicraft and food products using available local resources.Utilization of those enables producers to market fainal products as unique regional Issyk-Kul OVOP products.


Address: Tokutogul(Next to Caravan)

TEL: (3922)54354


Antique shop


Soviet-era antiques including pins , buttons , posters and alot of Leinin busts.



TEL : 0772-102-727

Address : Toktogul 249



There is a shop in the small bazal.



Zum depart

This is the most big shop in karakol. Many shops in zum.

You can buy the various products.(ex souvenirs, clothing, and musical instruments.)