About trekking / model root

<1 night 2 days>Go to hot spring water

・Day 1

Karakol→(mini bus no.350)Ak-suu village→(trekking about 5-6 hours walk)→Altyn Arashan→Stay : Altyn Arashan/Cottage(Hot spring)

・Day 2

Altyn Arashan(trekking about 5-6 hours walk)→Ak-suu vilage(mini bus no.350)Karakol


<1 night 2 days>

・Day 1

Karakol→→(trekking about 4-5 hours walk)→→Karakol valley→→Stay : Au-Tor Camp / Tent

・Day 2

Au-Tor camp→→Karakol valley→→(trekking about 4-5 hours walk)→→Karakol



<2 night 3 days>  The most popular trekking course

・Day 1

Karakol→→Karakol valley(Base Camp)→→(Trekking 4-5 hours walk)→→Au-Tor camp or Sirota camp →→Stay : Tent in Au-Tor camp or Sirota camp 

・Day 2

Au-Tor camp or Sirota camp→→(Trekking 4 hours walk)→→Ala-kul Lake→→(Trekking 6-7 hours walk)→→Altyn Arashan→→Stay : Altyn Arashan / Cottage

・Day 3

Altyn Arashan→→(Trekking 4-5 hours walk)→→Ak-suu vilage(mini bus no.350)Karakol



<3 night 4 days>

・Day 1

Karakol→→Jeti-oghuz→→(Trekking 1.5 hours walk)→→Kok-Jaiyk valley→→(Trekking 5‐7hours walk)→→Camp site→→ Stay: Camp site

・Day 2

Camp site→→(Trekking 5‐7 hours walk)→→Au-Tor Camp→→(Trekking 4 hours walk)→→Ala-kul lake→→Stay : Tent in Au-Tor camp or Sirota camp or Ala-kul lake

・Day 3

Ala-kul Lake→→(Trekking 6-7 hours walk)→→Altyn Arashan→→Stay : Altyn Arashan / Cottage

・Day 4

Altyn Arashan→→(Trekking 4-5 hours walk)→→Ak-suu vilage(mini bus no.350)Karakol




Altyn Arashan


Altyn means gold in the Kyrgyz language and arashan means hot springs , giving meaning of golden hot springs. The hot springs are located along the rive valley at approximately 3,000m heght. The mountain Palatka, the large one you can see at the valley , is 4,260m high, and is also known as "tent ridges" , it is similar to the shape of a tent. This is the most popular destination from Karakol for trekking and is visited by many tourists. Hot springs are located in maintained buildings along the river and are available year-round. 


Ala-kul lake


The alpine lake , Ala-kul is located in the 3,530m heighest and Ala-kul pass is 3,800m. Snow and glacier melt from 4,000m high mountains around the lake feeds the lake. You can see the waterfalls along the way , following from Ala-kul lake. In addition , alpine plants bloom in the summer ; you can also see the Edelweiss flowers after passing the Ala-kul. From Karakol valley to Ala-kul , you have to climb up steeply and from Ala-kul to Altyn-arashan , there are very steep ups and downs. It is recommended that you go with trekking shoes and guide if you have no hiking experience. Bring a warm layer or two because it will be cold at night even in August(about 5℃ )

Karakol Valley

Recommended trekking , beautiful National Park with wetlands along the Karakol River and is also home to many rare alpine plants like aconite in the season.



About 25km west of karakol , at the mounth of the Jeti-Oghuz Canyon , is an extraordinary formation of red sandstone cliffs that has became a kind of tourism trademark for Lake Issyk-kyl.



There are fantastically shaped reddish sedimentary rocks.


How to access

About 50min(34km) from Bokonbaev village by mini bus.



Within tha Barskoon valley there are two waterfalls on the top of the mountain.

In the winter , you can see the frozen water falls.